Welcome to the world where skin becomes a canvas and a tattoo is a unique piece of art. LX Tattoo is a place that brings 28 years of experience and passion for creating pieces of art on your bodies.

Pascal, one of the key figures of LX Tattoo, has been in the tattoo world since 1997. An internationally acclaimed artist at numerous conventions. Since 2005, he has been the owner of Underground Tattoo in Hayange (FR). Many talented artists flew up and away from under his wing. Pascal is creative, comprehensive and can move freely in any style, but he feels best with his favorite black and white and color realism.

Junior, celebrity tattoo artist, celebrity in his own, man-institution. An award-winning artist who has been co-creating the tattoo scene in Poland since the 1990s. He is also active in France and Luxembourg, where he accidentally landed in 2001, and in 2016 he began his adventure with LX Tattoo. His works have graced the pages of many famous magazines, including Playboy. Junior has appeared many times on TV programs, podcasts and radio stations. He also took part in a tattoo reality show on one of the commercial TV station in Poland. During his career, he won over 100 awards at tattoo conventions and events. Of course, these are only some of his achievements that cannot be listed here.

Together with Pascal, they create LX Tattoo with passion, where they are responsible for the unique atmosphere and the highest quality of work!

Junior works on a "living organism" and rarely sketches designs. Most often, he prefers to paint directly onto the skin what he will tattoo on it ina few moments. A visionary, artist and one of the best professionals in this industry.

Pomme, a veteran of the French and Luxembourg tattoo scene. She brings a unique and colorful style to LX Tattoo. Her works are the quintessence of madness, freedom and an explosion of colors. A colorful bird reflecting her free-spirited nature! Pomme creates tattoos in which every client will find something unique.

LX Tattoo is not just a place for amazing tattoos but also a hub for friendship, atmosphere, and a shared passion for art. We operate parallel in Poland, France, and Luxembourg, creating a unique world of art on a skin. We are uncompromising, individualistic, and always prioritize customer satisfaction. Whether it's orient, biomechanic, realism, or any crazy style, at LX Tattoo we feel at ease, because art knows no boundaries.

Join our community where every tattoo tells a unique story, and skin becomes the canvas for our passion. LX Tattoo - the place where we create not only tattoos but also stories.






16-18, rue de Bonnevoie
L-1260 Luxemburg
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